Peel Away the Hard Shell

Greyson Mura popped a grape in his mouth. The sweet juice exploded as he crushed it between his teeth. He glanced through a book, wholly disinterested with the conversation happening across the great lacquered table.

“Didn’t you see her sneaking off into the bushes?” Greyson’s brother, Tannor, said with a manicured arched brow.

“No,” their older sister responded, her voice low and rolling from her throat. “But she’s courting the Steward’s eldest son.”

“Not if that finds it’s way into public knowledge, Cassi.” Tannor plucked a section of bread from the dish and tore off a piece with delicate maliciousness.

Cassi’s lips, still stained pink from the soiree last night, curled. “It would be an awful shame.”

“You always did want Steward for yourself, dear sister, you’re welcome.”

“You always were my favorite,” Cassi teased, casting a glance to Greyson. He only rolled his eyes with a small smile. They knew he never commented in this morning-after gossip. Cassi shrugged. “Oh, you and your books.”

“Here’s something you’ll find interesting, Cass.” Tannor scooped a hard-boiled egg from the basket and twirled it in his palm. “Will Kenway kissed Lynette Tayte goodbye as she climbed back into her carriage last night.”

Greyson’s heart stopped at the same time Tannor’s egg cracked against the table.


Cassi pursed her lips. “Many men kissed me goodbye. It doesn’t mean she feels the same way.”

Greyson prayed she didn’t.

Tannor only chuckled, peeling away the hard shell. “Many men kissed your hand or cheek. Will Kenway was discovering new continents at the back of her throat.”

Greyson wasn’t reading anymore. Wasn’t seeing the words.

“Then she at least didn’t mind” Cassi’s voice purred like she was tasting the rumors born from the other seductive noblewomen.

Not Lynette. Never Lynette. His sweet Lynette…

“We should be invited the wedding,” Tannor said, slicing his egg into quarters.

“A man’s mind jumps from farewell kisses to the wedding night in a heartbeat,” Cassi said. “Who’s to say they’ll last? It might have just been one night. One moment of fun. Perhaps she’ll take that new experience and use it on another man at Lord Orva’s tonight.”

“Where are you going?” Tannor asked as Greyson pushed out of his seat.

“For a walk,” came Greyson’s short reply. He left his two siblings sitting at the dinning table utterly bewildered and silent in the wake of his hurried steps. Tannor and Cassi looked at each other then out the floor-to-ceiling windows to see Greyson charging down the street. Toward Lynette Tayte’s mansion.

Tannor grinned. He offered his sister a slice of egg. “Well, that worked.”

Cassi picked the largest one and popped it in her mouth, snickering.



Prompt via Daily Post


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