Finally – Tales from Heissia Vignette

“About damn time,” Arden speared at Shirk as he rounded the corner into the alley.

Shirk handed Arden the giant pearl they’d been stalking for a noblewoman. She paid far more than it’s value to have them steal it from one of her rivals.

“We need to leave,” Shirk said between heaving breaths, bracing his hands on his hips and tilting his head back.

Arden’s brows knitted. “Why? What happened?”

“Got caught… night watchers… called the guardsmen” – he paused so they could hear dreadful howling rising over the gilded rooftops a few blocks away – “Oh, fuck they have hounds.”

Arden cursed as he stuffed the pearl in the pouch tied to his waist.Β He whirled and bounded up the building he’d been leaning against, easily catching the top of a window edge.

“Seriously?” Shirk said, eyeing the roof of the townhome four stories up and wincing at a cramp in his side.

“Dogs can’t climb,” Arden called down from the second floor. “This is your own fault.”

Arden hardly hauled Shirk onto the tiled roof when the pack ran through the alley, sniffing madly at the place where they’d been standing.

“They guards will figure it out,” Shirk said.

Arden tightened the string that closed the pouch where the pearl safely slumbered. He plotted a path across the rooftops and grinned.

Finally, a chance to fly with the birds.

Arden will have some his own full-length short fiction in 2018 πŸ™‚

But if you liked this scene, you will enjoy Hisan Linan and his short stories, Rallying Cry and The Vow. They’re both FREE today.

In fact, all my short fiction is free today πŸ™‚

Happy New Year’s Eve WordPress!




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