“From the Dirt” Sample

Eian rapped on the glass window. Olivea started. Her eyes widened, painted lips dropped. She jumped from her seat and rushed to the window, pulling the panes open.

“Eian!” she breathed. “How?” Her brows narrowed and her voice flattened. “You’re wearing a guardsman’s uniform.”

“I had to enlist. But now’s not the time for that. I’m here to free you.”

Her chest rose as if drinking down that first breath of freedom. “Eian. Tell my why you’re in a guardsman uniform.”

“Olivea.” Eian could hardly believe that they were having this conversation. “We need to leave.”

She looked back at the door. “Eian…”

“You are not going through with this. You can’t. You don’t want to. You don’t love him.” He paused, letting the absurdity of the situation hit him before he said, “You don’t even know him.”

“Of course I don’t love him.” She ran her fingers through his hair. “But my father won’t –”

“Your father sold you to the Ibens like a vase.” Eian changed his sharp tone when she blanched. “Olivea, you can’t deny that,” he said more soothing. “Climb out this window and run with me.”


WIP that will hit Amazon on January 29 🙂

In the mean time, my current catalog of royal court and general fantasy is still FREE today, January 1, 2017!

Check it out.

Happy New Year’s Day!

Prompt: Conversation


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